Why Does Depth of Discharge ( DOD ) Matter to Solar Batteries?

Solar batteries are a vital part of the solar panels. It is important that they remain in perfect condition so as to ensure that the lifespan of solar batteries does not decrease. They can be expensive to replace and one of the concepts which is of great importance to solar batteries is depth of discharge or DOD for short. It is necessary for you to understand the concept when dealing with the batteries.

Another name for solar batteries is deep cycle batteries. They use the solar panels to store energy that they absorb from sunlight. Furthermore, they are used to store energy for both solar and wind and even other renewable energy. However, just like any other battery out there, the solar batteries also experience wear and tear.

This is why, knowing about the factors that impact the performance of the batteries is essential. It helps ensure they can perform much better and even last for a longer period of time. Knowing about the depth of discharge or DOD will help you better understand the affects that it has on the performance and durability of solar batteries. The solar batteries react to discharge and charge.

What is DOD Exactly?

Although, DOD stands for depth of discharge, one should know what DOD is exactly. In simple words, it is the degree or amount of depletion of the battery. What this means is if the battery gets fully drained, or the depth of discharges reaches a hundred percent. Whereas, when the batter has been fully charged, its DOD would be zero percent.

The depth of discharge of a battery has a direct connection with the lifecycle of the battery. Normally, the lifecycle of a battery would allow a certain number of discharge cycles before it reaches an eighty percent of its limit.

The lifecycle significantly affects the battery degradation, and is one of the two factors. Whereas, the other factor which impacts the lifestyle is the maximum DOD or depth of discharge.

So why does Depth of Discharge Matter to Solar Battery?

If you still haven’t understood why DOD matters to solar batteries, then you need to read on. As the lifecycle of the battery and the depth of discharge are greatly linked, one needs to know that the more the battery gets fully discharged, the greater the chances for the battery to degrade at a quicker pace.

As a rule of thumb, the more the discharge cycles which a battery goes through, the faster it would degrade. Hence, the maximum depth of discharge matters significantly to the lifecycle of the solar batteries. Therefore, it is highly recommended for one to ensure that the maximum depth of discharge for the battery remains at the appropriate depth that is eighty percent. This helps maintain the life of the solar batteries.

Always ask about the DOD of the solar battery or check it out beforehand. It will assist you with keeping it in check at all times.

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