The Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Street Lights

There has been a recent increase in solar powered street lights in recent years due to technological advancements. These solar powered street lights use photovoltaic (PV) panels. The panels have to be mounted onto the structure or either be connected to the pole in order to work. The PV panels are provided power by a rechargeable battery at night.

The solar panels will automatically with the help of light sense the outdoor light. When there is low sun energy or isn’t even available for some days, the solar panels will still be able to give off light. There is a reason why people switch to solar street light these days.

Advantages of Solar Street Lights

The main advantage of solar street light is that they are entirely independent of the energy sector which helps reduce their operational cost. What this means is the fact that the lights are wireless and aren’t connected to an electricity company.

The solar street lights depend on heat energy which is provided by sunlight and the energy is converted and stored through the entire day. Furthermore, maintenance costs are significantly less as compared to conventional street lights for solar street lights. There is also a lower chance of the lights being overheated.

The risk of accidents is reduced as well due to the solar wires not using any external wires. Conventional street lights normally lead to accidents such as electrocution or strangulation, whereas, for solar street lights, it’s uncommon for such an occurrence.

Another reason why people should use solar street lights is due to the fact that they are environment-friendly and use sunlight for power which eliminates the carbon footprint. The solar lighting system can also be carried easily to other locations which makes is efficient and a reliable lighting solution.

Now, even though solar street lights have many advantages, they do have some disadvantages which you should know about. It is worthwhile to know about both the advantages and disadvantages of solar street lights.

Disadvantages of Solar Street Lights

The main disadvantage of solar street lights is that it requires a high level of initial investment as compared to conventional street lighting. It is the main reason behind why people do not consider switching to solar street lighting. Most people overlook the fact that the investment is only short-term and there are long-term benefits of solar street lights such as reduced operational costs and a much longer life cycle.

One of the disadvantages is that the solar street lights are non-wired which makes is easy for the wires to be stolen and the risk of theft is much higher as the wires have a much higher value when compared to the conventional street lights.

On horizontal PV panels, it is likely for dust or snow, and even moisture to accumulate. Therefore, it is required for solar street lights to be checked more regularly, especially if you place them in areas that experience severe weather. Furthermore, such weather will also shorten the life span of the lights or damage it. The batteries need to be replaced throughout the life of the light. It all adds up to increased maintenance costs.


Solar street lights have more advantages than disadvantages. It is always a good idea to consider installing solar street lights.

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