All in one integrated solar powered LED street light for wholesale from China manufacturer, supplier; you don’t need cables and can reduce installation cost a lot with Resun all in one solar LED street lamps; Resun all in one solar street light ranging from 8W to 100W powered by Bridgelux LED chips, if you want to know about information about our all in one solar LED street lamps or you have customized all in one solar street lighting requirements, please don’t hesitate to send email to [email protected] .

How does all in one Solar LED street light work ?

All in one solar LED street light, also being called integrated solar LED street light or integrated solar LED roading lighting, the solar engergy is
converted into electrical energy by solar panels of the all in one solar street light and then charged to the lithium battery built in the integrated
solar street light. During the day, even on a cloudy day, this solar panel collects and stores the electricitiy energy needed, then power the LED
light of the integrated solar street light at night to provide nighttime illumination, while the integrated solar street light has PIR human body
sensing function, the infrared induction control lamp working mode so that when human appears then the LED light is 100% bright, and
automatically changes to 1/3 brightness after a certain time delay if there are nobody , so the all in one solar LED street light can saves more
energy intelligently.

Features of all in one solar LED street light

All in one solar LED street lights are integrated solar products, this simple lighting fixture combines the best technology of today: solar panels,
super bright semiconductor LED lighting sources, Lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4 battery. Equipped with human body intelligent sensing
system to achieve low power consumption, long working time, high brightness and 5 years maintenance free.

Structure and composition of all in one solar LED street light

Main components of all in one solar LED street light (integrated solar LED street light) can be divided into two parts: integrated solar lighting
fixture (built-in: high-efficiency solar panel, large-capacity lithium battery, smart MPPT controller, high-brightness LED lighting source, PIR
human body induction probe, anti-theft mounting bracket) and the lighting pole ( it can be made of stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass,
concrete or even wood, which customer can order in their local market )

Applications of all in one solar LED street light

All in one solar LED street lights can be installed in various streets, auxiliary roads, residential roads, courtyards, mining areas and places that
are not easy to get electricity, park, parking lots, rural areas etc to provide road lighting during nights to fulfill the lighting requirements of these

Advantages of all in one solar LED street lights

Because it was a combination of high-efficiency solar panels, ultra-long life span lithium batteries, high-efficiency LED light fitting, intelligent
controllers, as well as PIR human body sensing modules, anti-theft mounting brackets etc, the advantages of integrated solar street lights are
easy to install and light weighted. Generally, two workers can finish the installation work in just 5 minutes with only one wrench without use of
other heavy equipment and tools, so the labor cost and installation cost can be reduced a lot too.

Why should you buy Resun all in one solar street lights ?

  • Resun integrated solar street light adopts an integrated design, which is simple, stylish, light weight and practical;
  • Use solar energy to save energy and protect the earth’s resources;
  • Using human body infrared sensing control technology, brighten when people comes and darken when people leave, and extend lighting time;
  • Using high-capacity long-life LiFePO4 battery to ensure the service life of the product, generally Resun all in one solar street light can last up to 8 years;
  • It is extremely convenient to install without pulling wires;
  • Waterproof structure, safe and reliable;
  • Easier for expanding functions such as timing, voice control and other functions;
  • Modular design concept for easy installation, maintenance and repair;
  • The alloy material is used as the structural body, which has good anti-rust and anti-corrosion functions;
  • 8 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing of solar lighting products and system, our products are fully in accordance with international standards.