What is the Difference between SMD and COB LED Lights?

SMD stands for Surface Mounted Device and COB stands for Chip on Board. Light-emitting diode or LED for short has become highly popular. The Surface Mounted Device (SMB) was first introduced in 2008. Whereas, the COB LED technology has been available since 2010 in Guangzhou at the Canton Fair. The SMD has 3 diode chips. […]

Things You Should Consider Before Installing Solar Panels at Home

Solar panels are being installed in homes in just about every corner of the globe. The only costs associated with installation are mostly one-time, unlike traditional solutions. There are different types of solar panels which are available due to the continuous development in the market. As the world becomes more environmental conscious, the need for […]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Street Lights

There has been a recent increase in solar powered street lights in recent years due to technological advancements. These solar powered street lights use photovoltaic (PV) panels. The panels have to be mounted onto the structure or either be connected to the pole in order to work. The PV panels are provided power by a […]

PWM controller or MPPT controller for solar street lights, which one is better

There are 2 main solar charge controllers for solar street lights. These are the PWM and MPPT. The technologies of both are normally used for off-grid solar power. Both of them are a good option when we talk about charging the battery efficiently. Now, in order to understand which social charge controller is better, one […]

How to Size the Cable for a Solar System?

Having a solar system means that you should be able to know how to size a cable. We all can agree that a solar system which does not have cable could be easily compared to a highly efficient machine that takes up space and is of no use. The cables are a critical part of […]

How to Protect Solar Street Lights against Lightning?

The use of solar street lights is continuing to increase throughout the world. More and more people as well as corporations have realized the importance of the lights and ensuring that they purchase the latest lights. The best thing about solar street lights is the fact that they are easy to install, flexible, durable and […]

How to Prolong Solar Battery Lifespan

Solar battery lifespan is one of the most important factors which manufacturers have to take into account to ensure that the solar batteries that they provide are robust. The solar batteries are deigned to resist cold and heat cycles. Now, it is not possible for the solar batteries to be perfect and they will age. […]

How to Maintain an Off-Grid Solar System

Maintaining an off-grid solar system is not easy, but is important. The off-grid solar system isn’t connected to an electric company and that is why, one needs to keep it maintained for maximum efficiency and use. It uses the photovoltaic panels to store energy in the battery bank. If you want to maintain an off-grid […]

How to Install Solar Street Light

Solar street lights are relatively easy to install. One only needs the common handy tools to assemble them. However, when working on bigger projects, technical assistance or onsite training would be required. These need multiple installations to be completed. For such a situation, it is recommended to hire technicians who have expertise in installation of […]