Why solar lighting system is the best choice for parks, trails and playgrounds

For many years, parks, trails and playgrounds have been using solar lighting systems to illuminate the area without disturbing the surrounding areas. Since, power is an issue for most parks, there is a lack of lighting for night use. As we spend more time outdoors, it is important for the parks, trails and playgrounds to […]

Why Should You Choose Solar LED Flood Lights as Security Lights

As the LED technology makes new head waves, it is time to replace the traditional flood lights that we have used in the past with solar LED flood lights. There are many advantages to solar LED flood lights and knowing about these should encourage you to get them for your own home or business. They […]

Why Solar LED Lights is the Perfect Solution for Rural Area Lighting

Normally, it has been observed that rural areas lack proper lighting, especially for the night. It can be difficult for the people that live in the rural areas to go about due to this reason. It isn’t easy to provide rural areas with proper lighting due lack of availability of power grid which would provide […]

Why Should You Choose Solar Garden Lights?

Recently, solar garden lights have become increasingly popular and anyone that has a garden can be found getting solar garden lights for their garden. The solar garden lights are perfect for landscaping due to various reasons. Easy to Install One of the main reasons why you should choose solar garden lights is due to the […]

Why Peak Sun Hours is Important for Your Solar System

When you design an off-grid solar street lighting system, you will need to factor in the peak sun hours of the location in which maximum energy can be experienced for the solar system. However, if you aren’t a PV technician, then it is important for you to understand the peak sun hours and factor them. […]

Advantages and disadvantages of integrated solar street lights

Advantages of integrated solar street lights compared with other solar street lights The replacement of traditional street lamps by integrated solar street lamps is a trend in recent years. In 2008, the first integrated solar street lamp was introduced, in which the light heads, controllers and batteries of solar street lamps were integrated to simplify […]

Why Does Depth of Discharge ( DOD ) Matter to Solar Batteries?

Solar batteries are a vital part of the solar panels. It is important that they remain in perfect condition so as to ensure that the lifespan of solar batteries does not decrease. They can be expensive to replace and one of the concepts which is of great importance to solar batteries is depth of discharge […]

What are the Differences between Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline Photovoltaic Cells?

When we talk about photovoltaic cells, both monocrystalline and polycrystalline would be mentioned. Photovoltaics, is the method which is used to generate electric power with the help of solar cells. The solar cells convert the energy from sunlight into electricity which is stored in the battery box. Monocrystalline and polycrystalline are both crystalline silicon cells. […]

What is the difference between solar street lights and traditional street lights?

The development in photovoltaic technology has changed the way we look at how lights are lighted. It has improved the conversion efficiency of the solar panels greatly from a mere five percent in the 1940s to twenty percent recently. The solar panel market in the Middle East and many parts of the world is huge […]